This page contains information on Sensory processing disorder (SPD) and behavior. Please scroll down to find our ‘Out of the POCKET‘ resources.


Use this free downloadable handout to help boost creativity when planning a sensory activity.

Ideas are listed from A to Z and contain mostly non-food items to expand children’s tolerance of different textures.

We all need an area that feels safe.  Kids respond well to visuals. Use cards to give ideas about different ways to calm and regulate when kids are in their calm-down area.

Interoception Book News

Interoception is known as our ‘eighth sense.’ It helps with understanding and identifying emotions and feelings. Also, interoception tells us about our internal body.

Hunger, thirst, and need to go to the toilet all involve interoception.

Is Your Child Afraid of Loud Noises?

Our Sound-Eaze and School-Eaze CDs have singing and rhythms to help kids practice listening to sounds such as

Thunder, Fire Alarm, Toilet Flush, Fireworks.

Did you know there is a book about weighted blankets? 

There is only one book that gives information about weighted blankets. 

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