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Building a Better Brain Course:

The book serves as a workbook for therapists. It is based on my ‘Building A Better Brain’ course, which is a full-day course. If you’d like to schedule the course in your area, please contact Cara.

Course Objectives:
1) Describe the importance of movement to higher level brain function.
2) Utilize and understand techniques for assessing: movement, vision, posture, and planes of motion as they relate to function.
3) Explain retained primitive and postural reflexes.
4) Demonstrate hands-on movement activities that can be applied to children in order to improve brain maturity.

Assessment Video

This video demonstrates the child attempting duck and pigeon walks. Note the following as you watch:

-What planes of motion is he using?
-Is he able to complete the more advanced skill of moving his trunk through the transverse plane of movement?
-Does his body (specifically UEs and LEs) seem ‘tied’ together?
-Can he follow directions of the task or does he need consistent verbal cues and reminders to remain on task?

Assessment Video

This video demonstrates the child attempting prone extension. Note the following as you watch:

-What planes of motion is he using?
-Is he able to extend both upper and lower extremities at the same time?
-How does his tone appear in prone extension and when he demonstrates the seated position in which he plays his games?
-Can he follow directions of the task or does he need consistent verbal cues and reminders to remain on task?

Vestibular activities without use of suspension equipment

Clarifications to the first edition of the book.

Page 39 Activity Theme #2: Bucket To Bucket Transfer (Tow Truck Theme)

SETUP: Hang the swing from 2 points of suspension and attach one bucket with handles to each of the ends of the swing up high.

DESCRIPTION: The child will transition from a kneel to stand and reach overhead to retrieve a toy car out of one of the buckets and then transition via a crawling position to the other end of the swing and rise to standing in order to place the car into the second overhead bucket.

Page 38 Activity Theme #2: Bridge Crossing (Logger)

SETUP: Hang the swing from 1 rotational swivel point with 1 crash pad on the right and one to the left of the swing. Place long toys, AKA logs on outside of left crash pad and a box, AKA fireplace on the right side of the other crash pad.

DESCRIPTION: The child will reach for a log on the ground while kneeling or leaning from the crash pad, place it on the inside of his/her waistband or fanny pack, then transition into a quadruped position to transfer onto the platform swing then off onto the other crash pad to place the log into the ‘fireplace.’

Page 39 Activity Theme #1: Bolster Swing Transfers (Star Wars)

DESCRIPTION: The child will straddle swing and pump with BLE/trunk to propel swing. Next, move legs and with back of knees used as hooks, latch onto top of other bolster and pull himself up with BUE to transiton to second bolster. The child willl turn around 180 degrees and transfer back to the beginning bolster.

Page 41 Activity Theme #1 Tippy the Canoe

ADAPT/GRADE: Therapist holds balls in front of the child and graadually progresses so child crosses midline.

Activity Theme #3 Kangaroo vs. Sloth

SETUP: The child sits with her bum on frog swing. Play a CD of music that includes both songs with fast movement and slow rhythmic beat with a fast beat. Offer a trapeze bar for the child when you play the slow music.

The ‘Wonderful Assessment’ Movement Checklist located on page 11

I mention a movement checklist and provide a very long link on page 11 of the book.

The website is no longer there but never fear……I’ve attached a download.    QUALITY OF MOVEMENT CHECKLIST FOR THE SCHOOL AGE CHILD

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