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52 Weeks of Occupational Therapy is perfect for therapy clinics in all settings. The activities are easily up/down-graded for use with varying populations. Therapists can mix and match any of the over 2500+ pages/ 210+ activities designed for kids of all abilities.

Why should I purchase the 52 Weeks of OT eBook for my single site clinic/business?

-Uniquely designed to work on multiple skills for multiple populations, your clinic purchase of 52 Weeks of OT will improve productivity as your therapists will NOT be spending hours to find the perfect activity for their students. Simply follow the monthly calendar and print the activities.

-If your clinic/business is involved in telehealth, you may use the chosen activity from the eBook by screen sharing OR send the activity to the family to complete on their own!

-Supplies required for the eBook are easily accessible and can be purchased at many dollar or discount stores. This is a huge money saving for therapy clinics as the eBook contains a shopping list of items needed for every month.

-The activities are exclusive to 52 Weeks of OT and adhere to current best practices in pediatrics. Written by Dr. Cara Koscinski – a veteran therapist AND parent to two sons with autism, the eBook is guided by the OT Practice Framework- 4th Edition (AOTA, 2021).

The one-time downloadable eBook price is $449.95 and a $10 fee for each therapist using the book. After your purchase, a downloadable ZIP file will be sent to you. Simply download to your clinic’s cloud, computer, and any business-owned e-devices (computers, iPads, etc.)

You will need Adobe Reader to view and download the eBook PDF.

Ready to purchase? 

Contact me here OR email me at with the following information:

  1. Your clinic/business name. **Must be a single site. For companies with multiple sites, please contact me for special pricing.**
  2. Number of therapists, teachers, or clinicians who will be using/printing the activities in the eBook. This should include all staff – prn, full-time and part-time.
  3. Your payment method.



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