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One of the BEST parts of my job is receiving and reviewing new and awesome products. I love seeing the creativity and problem-solving of new companies and businesses as they build a product that makes life easier for everyone. This week’s review is of the Fine Motor Boot Camp and it surely fits the awesome description!

The first principle of the program states that, ‘Meeting a child at their developmental level, not their chronological age’ is important. I love that since nothing helps children more than choosing an activity in which they can be successful. After all, successful experiences build confidence. Also, ‘we are serious about progress through play’ is a core philosophy. Very refreshing since all children learn through play. It’s a child’s ‘occupation’ to play to learn critical skills that will last a lifetime. 
Next, the Fine Motor Boot Camp book provides helpful hints for fine motor skills. Other wonderful pages in the book include grip illustrations, data sheets, common core standards, receptive/expressive language skills and more. If you’d like to read my latest blog post about teaching scissors use, click here.
Everything Kit from
Single activity
My students enjoyed many activities which were provided to me. Buyers may choose to buy only the book or purchase the entire kit. It depends on how much time you’re willing to spend on material collection. As a busy OT, my preference would be purchasing the entire kit as time tends to be limited. However, the materials (such as:  Wikki Sticks, claw grabber, alphabet buttons, dice, perler beads)  might be found at Dollar Tree or craft stores. I’ve found some on Amazon so click on each item above to use my Amazon link.
The company provides the opportunity to purchase activities as a single activity, five activities, or a starter program if you don’t want to purchase the entire kit OR the do it yourself book.
The Fine Motor Boot Camp program would be a great companion to the Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide. Both can by used and read by parents, therapists, teachers, aides, or anyone working with a child or adult who has special needs.
My students loved all of the activities I was sent from the program. For example, the claw grabber and pom-poms were super fun! The children rolled a die and picked up the correct number of pom-poms- sorting them by color. The activity provided a script for me to use with them so that the program remains consistent among therapist. There are ‘simplifiers’ and ‘challengers’ for the activities to make games easier or more difficult. Again, letting the therapist easily execute any fine motor activity with no planning! AWESOME
Overall, I’m giving any portion of the Fine Motor Boot Camp a 5/5 ‘Out of the Pocket OT Idea STARS’ and would recommend it to anyone!
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