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So fun! Our Halloween pool noodle craft brings out creativity and builds motor skills for kids and adults!


  • Dollar Store Poole Noodles – Orange, Black, Purple, and Green
  • Dollar Store Wiggle Eyes
  • Dollar Store Pipe Cleaners (Silver, Purple, and Green)
  • Craft Foam – Black, Green, White, Purple, Orange, and Brown
  • Kitchen Knife – Serrated
  • Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler




Measure and cut pool noodles as follows-  Green 6”; Black 5”; Orange 4” and 3”; Purple 2” with a serrated kitchen knife (adult supervision required for this part).


Frankenstein – Attach two wiggle eyes. From black craft foam, cut circle for the top of head, hair, eyebrow, nose, and mouth then attach to green pool noodle with a low temp glue gun and glue sticks. Cut silver pipe cleaner stem in half, bend both pieces in the shape of a bolt (or letter T), and then insert one in each side of Frankenstein.



Jack-O-Lanterns – Attach two wiggle eyes. Cut out nose and mouth from black craft foam, then attach to the orange pool noodle. Cut a rectangle from brown craft foam, fold in half, and secure ends with a low temp glue gun. Cut a leaf shape from green craft foam. Wrap a green pipe cleaner around a pencil, then slide off to create a vine. Attach stem, leaf, and vine into the hole at the top of the orange pool noodle with the glue gun.


Is your child having trouble with coordination? Check out our earlier post about dyspraxia to get helpful tips to use immediately.

STEP FOUR (bat not pictured in the cover photo but we’ve provided instructions for you 🙂 

Bat – Attach two wiggle eyes to purple craft foam and then cut out with scissors. Cut out a bow tie from purple craft foam. Cut out mouth with fangs from white craft foam. Cut out wings and ears from black craft foam. Attach all items to black pool noodle with the low temp glue gun.

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Spider – Attach two wiggle eyes to orange craft foam and then cut out with scissors. Cut out mouth and polka dots from orange craft foam. Attach items to purple pool noodle with the low temp glue gun. Cut four purple pipe cleaners in half and insert four pieces into each side of the spider. Bend spider legs at different lengths.


A great craft project to create with the kids for Halloween! The decorations go together in 30 minutes, so create one set to keep and one set to gift in just about an hour. I love hearing from YOU! Please share your fun ideas or Halloween critters with us by commenting below.

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