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Here are the handouts for today’s presentation. They will only be available for the duration of the conference replays (until Thursday 9/30/21). **If there was a slide missing from the handouts today, it was due to copyright issues. I’ve linked all of the info. you need for anything missing (for example, Sesame Street video, I Love Lucy Video).



It was so great to ‘meet’ you at the OT Schoolhouse Conference. Here are the links to resources I discussed in my presentation.

Wondertime Clock

Jericho County Public Schools Ex. Function Booklet

A Day in Your Shoes Ex. Function Page

A Day in Your Shoes Behavior Goals Page

Tons of GOALs from Positive Action

Developing Metacognition in Your School

Do2Learn – Visual Schedules

Sesame Street Working Memory Fun

I Love Lucy Video Link

Theory of Mind Information:

Development of ToM in Early Childhood

Theory of Mind Chapter (2018)

Autism and ToM Chapter (Baron-Cohen)


Working Memory Underpins Cognitive Development, Learning, and Education


Great websites:


ADDidude Magazine

Distance Learning (Telehealth):

Accommodations for distance learning


References for Presentation

Reference List for Koscinski Presentation at OT Schoolhouse Conference



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