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Interoception is the eighth sense and we are learning SO much about it! Knowing how this sense works and looking at how it influences the way we operate on a daily basis AND how it changes the way we think and behave is critical to unlocking new and exciting ways of working with our clients. We do the best we can until we know better and this book will change the way you work with your clients!

Our interoceptive system and study of it is not new. In fact, scientists have researched it since the early 1900s!

What’s in the book? TONS of information, research, and facts on interoception. The BEST part is that there are TONS of helpful and FUN graphics for kids and, in typical Pocket OT fashion, there are pages and pages of activities to assess and help with interoception on your home and clinic.

Need help with emotions, feelings, internal awareness, hunger, fatigue, toileting? It’s ALL in the book!




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Interoception Friends Cards

*With Body Shape for Scan Activity

Fact Checking & Activities that Make Me Happy List

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