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Making fingerprints is not only a fun activity for little kids, but it also encourages the development of fine motor skills. Fingerprint farm animals are a fun way to teach children about animals, letters, and fine motor skills all at the same time!

Kids will be delighted when their simple fingerprints can be transformed into adorable farm animals. Learn how to make your own fingerprint farm animals using the steps below:

Fingerprint Farm Animals
In our session, we made a pig, chicken, horse, sheep, and a cow.

What you’ll need to make fingerprint farm animals:

Stamp pads in various colors
A black pen or maker
White paper

This is how we made each fingerprint farm animal:

COW:  The body is an orange thumbprint. The head is an orange index fingerprint. Add a tail, spots, legs, nose, eyes, ears, and horns with a black pen or marker.

SHEEP:  The body is one black thumbprint. Add a head, legs, tail, feet, and “fur” with a black pen or marker.

HORSE:  The body is one black thumbprint. The head is a sideways middle fingerprint. Add a nose, eyes, tail, mane, ears, and legs with a black marker or pen.

PIG:  The body is a pink thumbprint. The ears and legs are pink pinky prints. Add a nose, eyes, and tail with a black marker or pen.

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The body is a red thumbprint. Add wings, a beak, eyes, a comb, and legs with a black pen or marker.

Challenge preschoolers and toddlers to come up with their own farm animal designs! You may be surprised at how creative they can be.

After making the animals, cut them out and glue them to a separate sheet of paper. This helps the animals stand out and kids will love arranging the animals into a farm “scene.”

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