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Working on handwriting is fun but it’s important to work on PRE-WRITING skills. Kids need to first learn how to build fine motor coordination. The best way to do this is through crafts and play-based activities that work the little (fine) muscles of the hands and fingers. All kids like to see the results of their hard work and activities such as stringing beads to make a necklace yield immediate results. BUT some kids have trouble using a string because it’s too loose. By using feathers, kids can have something stiffer on which to place the beads. Plus, it’s a fun-looking result!
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Using small beads builds a grasp or grip that kids can use for an efficient hold on a pencil or writing utensil. You might have heard about a tripod grasp. The photo below shows a child using his thumb and first (index finger) to hold the beads. When the third (middle) finger is included, a tripod grasp results. Either grasp is perfect to build up fine motor skills needed for pointing, writing, sewing, buttoning, zipping, tying shoes, grasping coins, and other small items!
Pony Beads
Offer your child an assortment of pony beads and feathers.
Encourage them to thread the beads onto the feathers.
You can make this a pattern-making activity as well.
As pony beads are small and can pose a choking hazard, please carefully supervise this activity.

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