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Easter is almost here! I always love this time of year because of Spring and new beginnings.

I am filled with joy and excitement for things to come when Easter rolls around. It’s fun to bring color to therapeutic activities. Here are some of my favorites I’ve shared with my readers over the years and I’ve added a few new ones too!

1. Plastic eggs are SO affordable and can be filled with anything imaginable.

Try something new like putting items that make sound into the eggs. Use jingle bells, rice, buttons, beans or any of the fun ideas shared in this YouTube video called Sounds Right from Yoga in My School. 


2. Messy play is an awesome way to add tactile stimulation into fun.

Fill a bin with Easter grass and erasers bought at the dollar store. Add kitchen tongs and encourage kids to find the erasers.

Try adding bright colored rice and plastic eggs or pom poms. Here’s my earlier post about how to dye rice. 

Other ideas include buttons, fuzzy chick decorations, dollar store Easter products, erasers, crumpled paper, marshmallows.


3. Make this Easter bunny handprint craft. It’s cheap and easy!

Click HERE or on the picture to hop to my earlier how-to blog post.



Playdough Mats are fun and engaging for kids. I’ve put my exclusive mats on SALE through April. Get yours HERE…..they’re only $3.99 for 15 pages!

4.  Looking for fine motor activities? I blogged about 7 fine motor activities for Easter in my earlier blog post HERE.

Some ideas from the post include using pipe cleaners for differently shaped bunny whiskers. You can even build bunny ears out of pipe-cleaners! Try gluing cotton balls onto a paper plate to make a soft bunny. Looking for a challenge? Use tongs to pick up the cotton balls.


5.  And now for your FREEBIE.……Click here or on the picture to download your copy today!

Comment below to let me know how your Easter activities turned out!

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