This page contains Daily Living Skills information for children with special needs. Please scroll down to find our ‘Out of the POCKET‘ resources.

12 Months of Life Skills Printable Pack

Best selling 12 months of life skills pack contains a unique life skill for each month. Printable calendar, instructions/tips, and illustration for each month are provided.

Parent's Guide to Occupational Therapy for Special Needs

Cara’s award-winning book gives parents and therapists all of the information they need to help kids with special needs.

Chapters on toileting, dressing/bathing, behavior, and sensory give activities to use immediately!

Is Your Child Afraid of Loud Noises?

Our Sound-Eaze and School-Eaze CDs have singing and rhythms to help kids practice listening to sounds such as

Thunder, Fire Alarm, Toilet Flush, Fireworks.

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