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I use books, social stories, and videos all of the time with children who have autism. Most younger children learn through looking at pictures. Research has shown that children use picture books to make sense of the world around them (see reference here). Through my work, I have traveled with Temple Grandin to speak at conferences for parents and professionals. She has become known as, ‘The Girl Who Thought In Pictures.” Her story remains inspirational and her accomplishments bring feelings of excitement for many families of children with autism. Each and every one of us wants our children to grow up both happy and as independent as possible. She instructs caregivers to use a child’s interests to help achieve functional goals. Job opportunities involving tasks children enjoy doing can bring about gainful and successful employment. That’s why the book, The Girl Who Thought in Pictures is so wonderful!

If bright pictures and inspirational stories aren’t enough, the book has fun and clever rhyming throughout! I love using a sing-song voice when reading to younger children and they love it too!

If you’ve heard my presentations, you’ll know that I talk about learning styles and give tips to help focus on your child’s positive traits. If not, read my post here. Consider how you learn best… you need pictures and visuals; are you someone who can hear a lecture and remember the details; or do you need to move when learning? We all learn differently and it’s why using multiple teaching methods helps children to retail more information.

Here is a fun and FREE activity to engage children as they read the book. It’s a great way for children to engage in the book while tracking Temple’s life. Click to download the PDF file of the activity:  Map Work for The Girl Who Thought In Pictures

If you’re like me and love thumbing through a book before buying it to check out pictures……here is your virtual chance. Click here for a video preview of the book.

Be sure to check out my downloadable products for children with autism and sensory processing disorder.

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I hope you enjoy reading the book. My opinions are my own and I was paid no fee for my blog review. If you purchase the book, please consider doing so by clicking on the book’s photo………doing so helps keep this blog up and running AND helps me to create additional FREE resources. Thanks and happy reading!

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