5 Tips for Handling Unsolicited Parenting Advice -FREE CARD Download!

Please share: How to Handle Unsolicited Parenting Advice “You should swaddle him. My baby loved it.” “My child NEVER acted like that. Why don’t you discipline her?”  “Why don’t you breastfeed her instead? It’s healthier.” “You should put some rice...

Playing to Learn – Help your child develop key skills

Please share: Yes, you read that correctly…..kids play to learn critical skills that they will need throughout their lifetime. Their “occupation” or job is to play. Remember that the slogan for occupational therapy is, “Skills for the JOB of...
How to Teach Cutting — With FREE Scissors Guide

How to Teach Cutting — With FREE Scissors Guide

Please share: As a gift to our friends who subscribe to our blog, a FREE how-to-use scissors guide is provided at the bottom of this post! Thanks for reading, commenting, and SHARING.  Children need to be proficient in scissors use in order to participate in school...

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