Calm Down Area Creation Tips

Calm Down Area Creation Tips

Please share: Children show behavior when they are trying to communicate but either cannot find the words or do not understand the appropriate way to calm themselves. Simply saying, ‘Calm Down!’ is not helpful. I encourage you to consider how you might...

7 Tips for FIREWORKS and Fourth of July Fun

Please share: That title’s a mouthful! Try saying it seven times……It’s almost time to wish our country a Happy Birthday! This means new sights, smells, outside time, family events, and of course BIG loud booms. Add in the summer heat and your...

7 Tips for Children Who FEAR Loud Noises

Please share: *The Post Contains Affiliate Links to Help To Run The Pocket OT Blog. Thanks for your support!*Check out our NEW Minecraft Themed Handwriting Packets! Imagine the sound of your mother’s voice.What memories/emotions does the sound of...

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