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I’m HUMBLED by the reviews of my books. It’s been my passion to educate and help EVERY child who needs it. It’s with great enthusiasm that I write every page and hope that the information I share helps your family too!

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~ Cara

“Every so often a book comes along that you know you have to recommend to the families and caregivers of the kids you work with. This wonderful, self-published book by OT by Cara Koscinski is one of those must-have publications that everyone involved with your school-age client will benefit from reading from cover to cover and referring to again and again.”

-By: Lindsey Biel, M.A. OTR/L
Author, Sensory Processing Challenges: Effective Clinical Work with Kids & Teens

A MUCH needed resource!
By Angie Voss, OTR

“As a sensory integration OT I have found our schools to be one of the most challenging environments for our children with special needs and sensory differences, as well as an overwhelming area of concern for the children’s parents. This handbook is an EXCELLENT tool that covers just about every area you can think of in regards to the school setting! And the best part is Cara breaks it down in to very practical topics and questions, and offers practical on the spot “out of the pocket” solutions. I highly recommend adding this book to your resource library!”

“The most appealing feature of this book is its accessibility-making the topics possible to grasp for parents and carers with even limited background knowledge. It aims to educate families about the root causes of specific difficulticies faced by children with special needs, and follows up with practical strategies and activities.”

British Journal of Occupational Therapy

“Cara continues to offer teachers, parents, and heck — anybody who cares about ANY child’s learning — consistently positive, workable, RELEVANT tips that simply make learning what it should be: WONDERFUL. Her understanding of kids whose gifts and challenges may befuddle others is utterly sincere. Meaning that every chapter is infused with authentic respect, empowering information…and a whole lot of smarts that actually work. Most of all, Cara knows what it is to be brave: to feel afraid and do it anyway. And because of that compassion, BRILLIANT kids the world over will have the chance to amaze the most important people of all: themselves.”

-Jennifer O’Toole, Asperkids Author and Founder

I’m a As an OT with over 20 years experience, I was amazed how much info is packed into this small book. It is so thorough, you would think it was a text book but it is just written concisely and is easy to read. For parents it is a great gift for those with a child just diagnosed with developmental concerns as it explains many terms used in therapy, gives suggestions on everyday activities to IEPS for school aged children. It is a great resource not just for parents but for therapists too, to help explain terms, give home suggestions and treatment planning. Thanks Cara for putting this together.


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