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5 Tips to Help Children to Deal with Trauma

Here are some 'Out of the POCKET' Tips for dealing with trauma in children.... Many of us struggle to make sense of events such as shootings, tragedy, and abuse. Family situations and other everyday circumstances shape us. Feelings of shock, disbelief, sadness, anger,...

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Frankenstein Plate Halloween Craft

Frankenstein Plate Halloween Craft I love cheap and easy activities for holidays. Here's one of my favorites for use in the OT clinic, at home, or in the classroom. The supplies are easily bought in bulk or for cheap. If your child has executive function difficulties...

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Left Hand Writing Tips plus FREEBIE

Many students with special needs have difficulty using both hands together. This skill is called BILATERAL INTEGRATION and is required for tasks like cutting paper and getting dressed. One hand is the 'doer' and the other hand is the 'helper.'  For example, when...

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Tips for Test-Taking Anxiety

Tips for Test-Taking Anxiety plus FREE downloadable handout of this post at the bottom. Anxiety can be extremely harsh to school-aged children, but test-taking season is upon them, it can be even worse. No matter how many times parents, teachers, and therapists...

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Book Report Alternatives for Students with Dyslexia

Book Report Alternatives for Students with Dyslexia and Learning Disorders Writing book reports can be challenging for some students with dyslexia and other disabilities involving writing and language. As long as your children or students reach the objectives you...

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Autism Potty Training — The Ultimate Guide

One of the topics parents and therapists always ask me is about helping children with toilet training. I love infographics. They provide awesome tips and can be shared easily. Here's one of my favorites. Want more information? Read our earlier post about toilet...

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School Bus Safety Tips

School Bus Safety Tips for Children The start of school is approaching and children will begin their daily commute to and from school riding the bus.  It's an exciting time since many children seem to love to ride the school bus. Since preparation is important, let's...

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7 Tips for Back to School

Back to school comes with mixed emotions. We want our children to have a super year as they grow and learn. As a parent of children with special needs, back to school brings both excitement and anxiety  We purchase books, uniforms, shoes, and backpacks but wonder how...

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Meet Cara

Welcome! I'm a pediatric OT and mom to sons with special needs. My products and courses are fun and engaging. How can I help you?
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Cara’s Newest book

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