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5 Tips for Picky Eaters

5 tips for children who are picky eaters. Learn tips from a trained occupational therapist about how to help your child or client with feeding difficulties.

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20 DIY Teacher Gifts

The end of the year is almost here! We know how hard teachers work to teach our children. Deciding how to show our appreciation can be tough........should we buy a gift card or present? Well, worry no more! Here are some handmade gifts teachers will LOVE!   Photo...

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for Kids *FREE Printable

No one likes cleaning but when families complete activities together, fun memories can be made. Kids need to learn life skills and our free printable gives a visual checklist of what needs to be done. Here are some 'Out of the Pocket Tips' to help your kids with...

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Edible Fairy Princess Silly Putty Activity

Usually, we spend a lot of time telling kids not to put things in their mouths.  Time to take a break from that!  Edible Fairy Princess Silly Putty allows your child dig in with their hands and their mouth!  This activity is pretty easy to make, and its a great...

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Let's face it: Kids like slime.  They can shape it, squeeze it and squish it.  The good news is, not all slime is messy.  This week, I found a wonderful, reusable activity that lets children explore their tactile senses with slime, without making a mess in the...

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Calm Down Area Creation Tips

Children benefit from a calm down area when their emotions are running high or they need a calming break. Most ‘bad’ behavior is a result of high emotional levels and increased frustration. Read for steps in creating a calm area in your classroom, homeschool, home or clinic. Photos provided and links for helpful equipment.

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10 Earth Day Crafts

10 Earth Day crafts for kids work on fine motor and sensory skills. Great for classrooms, home schools, and therapy clinics everywhere.

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Teaching Empathy with The “Do Good” Jar Activity

For children on the spectrum, finding ways to teach empathy can be difficult.  We all want our children to be empathic and kind, but how do we help them understand that concept?  Here's a fun activity that allows us to do something creative with our kids, while...

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Idioms, What Did You Say and What Do You Really Mean?

Idioms or phrases that cannot be understood through their literal meaning can be rather confusing for students with language difficulties. Teaching children and students common idioms can help them navigate verbal communication with adults and peers as well as improve...

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Meet Cara

Welcome! I'm a pediatric OT and mom to sons with special needs. My products and courses are fun and engaging. How can I help you?
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