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Review of Chewigem™ Disk Pendants

By Cara Koscinski MOT, OTR/L 

“The Pocket Occupational Therapist”
Author of: The Pocket Occupational Therapist for Families of
Children with Special Needs
The Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide

for Autism, SPD, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and More 
Commonly, children with Sensory Processing Disorder chew on items which are inappropriate and sometimes dangerous.  Their bodies crave input that is gained from chewing, mouthing, and sucking.  This oral-motor input can be organizing.  In fact many of us chew on items such as candy, gum, or ice when we feel overwhelmed or stressed.  As occupational therapists it’s our job to encourage replacement behavior and to suggest safe and age-appropriate items on which to chew.  Chewigem™ has created stylish, fun, and cool oral jewelry that I recommend often in my practice. 

Chewigem™ sent the disk pendant for use by my son-who has a strong need to achieve oral-input. He is generally quite resistant to “new” items.  The shipping was fast.  Instructions were provided, which is quite helpful to parents, especially those who are new to Sensory Processing Disorder. 

My son was infatuated with the bright colors and their swirling design! He truly enjoyed his disk immediately.   He loved the thickness of the disc.  It was perfect for his strong chewing needs.  The disk was extremely durable and I felt safe that it remained absolutely intact!  He wore it everywhere and it did not “stand out” as a product created for a child with special needs.

I would absolutely recommend the line of products created by Chewigem™ to my clients, fellow therapists, to school-personnel, and in future books.  Their colorful and sturdy pieces of child friendly “jewelry” most definitely satisfy the need to chew that so many of our children crave. 

Thank you for the opportunity to review such a wonderful line of products that fill a great need for our children.

Here’s the information about Chewigem™:
Chewigem is a safe, stylish, discreet alternative for those with the need to chew! Get the absolute best alternative to a chewy tube today!

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