Consultations near and far….Cara would LOVE to support you!
Therapists, Schools, Groups, Caregivers, State & National

In person, Through Go To Meeting and Webinars On-Line, we can meet and I can give you support with daily activities, discuss the latest therapy evaluations, discuss autism, provide you with tips and tricks on how to advocate for your child, and even provide in-services and trainings for you or your group! As a parent of two children with autism, SPD, and feeding difficulties; a homeschooling mother; and an OT I have tons of information to share with you.

CHURCHES, Homeschools, Bible Schools….Are you thinking of adding a program for children with special needs? I can help guide you.

I’m passionate about what I do and LOVE to think outside of the box!

“Thank you, Cara for the tips and for listening! We tried our new writing tips and he’s loving the activities!” -Virginia (from Greenville, SC)

“Our time went SO fast because you actually LISTENED to our worries. I was so happy I cried. I can’t wait to talk again.” -Bobbi (from Richmond, VA)

Cara took the time to listen to OUR specific needs. We thought we had limited options for our church classroom…….not after our meeting! We are SO excited to have help from someone who has LOVED and LIVED with children who have special needs.
God Bless!

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Cara Koscinski is a speaker for Future Horizons, Home CEU Connections,, Advance for OTs, OfCourseLearning in the UK and has shared the stage with Temple Grandin, PhD; Carol Kranowitz (the Out of Sync Child books); Dr. Jed Baker (The Social Skills Picture book); Paula Aquilla (Building Bridges Through Sensory Integration) and others.

Cara speaks nationally, at state conferences, and locally. To view Cara’s 2017 schedule, go to our home page or click here.

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OTs, COTAs, Therapists, Professionals:

Cara offers mentouring and can create a CEU module/course that fits YOUR specific needs. She’s been a therapist for 20 years and has taken the most recent courses and trainings. As the author of 4 books (number 5 is in the works and is for therapists), Cara has trained and researched topics relevant to TODAY’s therapist. No one’s expected to be an expert without the proper training!

Cara travels with Temple Grandin, Carol Kranowitz (author of The Out of Sync Child), Paula Aquilla, Dr. Jed Baker, among others and is highly sought after in both the United States and UK markets.

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Have a State OT conference? Cara would LOVE to come and speak!
Staff training, hire Cara to come and train your therapists.
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School OTs, Therapists, Assistants, Para-professionals:

Since the “No Child Left Behind Act,” children are educated in their “least restrictive environment.” This means that teachers who weren’t originally trained to work with children who may have autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, learning disorders need support of their own. No one’s expected to be an expert without the proper training!

Did you know there are several types of learning “styles?” It’s SO important to teach the student to his/her specific style of learning for the best understanding and information retention!

My book, The Special Needs SCHOOL Survival Guide is packed with tips, strategies and descriptions of thousands of activities to help you teach children with special needs. I’m here to provide additional support! We can talk about the issues some of your students are having and then I will provide you with many suggestions to help. It’s my passion to teach the teacher and educate with kindness while allowing you to work through the problems with a trained therapist.


There’s NOTHING worse than getting the diagnosis of “autism” along with a stack of papers only to leave the doctor’s office and feel as overwhelmed as you’ve ever felt! I’ve BEEN THERE- twice!

Having guided many caregivers through “Autism 101, and Sensory Processing Disorder 101,” I’d love to support you and help you get on the best path to help your child. We can talk about the evaluation process, your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses and focus on your precious CHILD and not the diagnosis.

I offer webinar classes on the basics of Sensory Processing Disorder,
Toileting, Handwriting, Learning, Dysgraphia, IEP meetings,
Fine Motor, Gross motor and many more! Check the PARENTS ONLY section of this website for upcoming classes.

Webinars or Group Meetings via Skype

Webinars are an awesome way to learn at YOUR convenience. I have two AOTA approved webinars through and two through HomeCEUConnection. I’m happy to Skype with your group for training, Q & A sessions and techniques to support children in your life. I am excited and fully prepared to discuss social skills techniques, behavior in children with autism, school modifications and accommodations, daily living adaptations, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

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