Questions Frequently Asked About Our On-Demand, Live, & Affiliate Courses

Here are some of the most asked questions. If you require additional assistance please contact us here.

01 What’s an On-Demand course vs. a LIVE course?

Sometimes we offer courses live so that attendees may ask questions and interact during the session. All of our live courses are recorded and uploaded at a later date to become available as on-demand courses. Since each therapist prefers to learn differently, we try to adapt to the individual’s learning style.

Affiliate courses are those Cara teaches and delivers via other companies such as Home CEUConnection,, Future Horizons, state therapy conferences, and national organizations. Please contact the support team for each organization for technical questions and duplicate certificates as Cara does not have access to them.

02 Are the courses approved for CEUS?

All of our courses may be submitted to NBCOT for professional developmental units. Since each state’s policies on CEU approval vary, it is up to each therapist to check his/her state requirements and regulations. It is not the responsibility of The Pocket OT to contact each state. However, we try to make the process as easy as possible by providing attendees with a certificate of attendance listing the specific hours and PDUs for each course. We offer to change certificates when an attendee registers under a maiden name and gets married later on during the renewal period. We will change a certificate for up to a year after taking a course.

In order to receive a certificate, a post-test must be taken with an earned score of at least 70% and attestation statement verifying learning identity on the post-test.
FYI: A course does NOT have to be AOTA approved in order to count for renewal.

03 How do On-Demand Courses work?

Once an on-demand course payment goes through our system, an e-mail is sent to the attendee with the course and login information. The login information changes on a regular basis in order to protect our copyrights. We try to work with you to make the process as easy as possible so please let us know if your circumstances require additional time to complete a course and we will provide an updated password. Cara is a parent and understands life happens……she is as flexible as possible!
Please understand that after a 90 day period, a course must be re-purchased as research and resources are updated often.

Note that all course purchases and links expire within one calendar year after purchase. 

04 Does Cara offer in-person courses?

Absolutely! Cara is available to come to your location. She speaks regularly across the US and offers courses available for in-person or via meeting software for your group. Cara has provided courses ranging from 1-7 hours in length and courses for groups include post-tests to achieve passing scores. Please contact us to hire Cara for your group or click here to download our group information form.

05 If I’m not in the US, may I purchase a course?

Yes! As long as you can use PayPal and have internet access, you may purchase a course. Please understand that it is your responsibility to know your country’s specific requirements for continuing education.

06 What happens after I order a product?

Please watch the video below! Questions addressed in this video are how to place an order, how to adjust an order if you have the incorrect quantity, how to access handouts which accompany a course, how to access the course and reminds you to check your email for your order receipt.

**One of the most common issues is when your order goes to your e-mail’s spam folder. Your order is sent to the e-mail address you provided when you created your account. Please check your spam account if your order does is not sent within an hour.

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