The Business of Therapy – Consulting Services

Cara has been an occupational therapist since 1997. She is the parent to two children with special needs. During Cara’s career, she has founded two successful therapy related businesses. Additionally, Cara is the author of six published books and multiple articles about therapy, parenting, business, and speaks professionally with experts such as Dr. Temple Grandin, Carol Stock-Kranowitz, and Jed Baker among many others.

As a continuing education provider for many years, Cara is willing to share all she’s learned with you. Sessions are scheduled on-demand via Skype, e-mail, or phone call. Dr. Koscinski works full-time at the University of Saint Augustine’s OTD and MOT programs and works with students and new clinicians. Mentoring for new OTs is something she offers on an ongoing basis.

1. Clinician Mentoring

Perfect for therapists new to pediatrics, who need information about treatment techniques, goal setting, and writing, or those looking for a pediatric refresher.

2. Business of OT

Cara has founded two successful OT practices. She also educates those new to business. Use Cara’s experience to help your business thrive!

3. Blogging & Social Media

Cara runs a successful blog and has over 75,000 followers on social media. Learn the tips and tricks of the trade that NO One else will teach you! Cara wants to see YOU succeed.

4. CEU Courses

Hire Cara to teach your group of therapists, teachers, parents, and others. She can tailor her courses from 2 hours to a full day interactive presentation. Get ready to have fun while learning!

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