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Movement/brain breaks are gaining popularity because they WORK!

What IS a brain break? They are simply short bursts of activity designed to energize the brain and body for learning. By boosting blood flow to the body and brain, they can help children to learn. Did you know that adults can benefit too? Try getting up from your desk at work to march in place and take some deep breaths, you’ll feel refreshed and ready for your next challenge.

One of my favorite brain break websites is GoNoodle.  There, you can find awesome, fun videos for home, clinic, and classroom/homeschool for kids of ALL ages. If you’ve seen my courses for classrooms, I love to use them to keep participants engaged and having fun. Anytime I find a product that my readers will love, I must share it! Today, we’re featuring a book that will be an asset to you…….the ABC’s of Active Learning©  Here’s some information from author, Laurie Gombash:

Thanks for this opportunity to guest blog and tell everyone about my new book, ABC’s of Active Learning©. Although there are endless resources available to introduce the alphabet to young children at our fingertips, the task of sorting through to find the most meaningful or just right activity can be daunting. The ABC’s of Active Learning© is intentionally designed to serve as an easy-to-use, yet thorough guide to planning and implementing multisensory games and activities. This book targets the whole brain through movement activities, organized games, multi-step crafts, as well as multisensory pre-writing activities that can be used and graded for learners of all abilities. It can serve to compliment a pre-existing curriculum, provide fresh ideas for introducing concepts or a great way to promote skill generalization. You can be certain that any idea used from this book with get your learner moving, hands-on, and having fun! The ABC’s of Active Learning© can stand alone or be a supplement to The ABC’s of Movement® activity cards. The activity cards and book download are available at and the book is available at  Amazon Books.

BIO: Laurie is an experienced physical therapist who has a knack for turning ordinary items into fun therapeutic tools. She is also the brains behind The ABC’s of Movement®, and the webinars, Pushing into the Classroom: Practical Strategies for Pediatric Therapists & Creative Pediatric Treatment Strategies Based on the Evidence available through

Looking for Ready-Made movement ideas and activities? Check out our downloadable pack of 200 brain break and activity cards. Use them in any setting!


Want more information about brain breaks? Check out our FREE activity ideas here.  Let me know if you find an awesome idea for our blog and I’ll be happy to share.



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