There are TWO options of the 52 Weeks of OT eBook now available!

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Can a single user use this for telehealth?

Absolutely! One therapist can use the eBook for all of his/her/their students in any setting. Send a worksheet or activity to your student or use them in person. Our goal is to make your life EASIER!

How does this eBook come to me?

This eBook comes as an immediate download via a ZIP file. This will make the process of uploading to your computer quicker. Simply unZIP the files and the calendar, shopping list, instructions, and all PDFs will be organized into weeks named for their theme.

Can I share this with other therapists in my office?

No. Each eBook is for ONE/single therapist use only. If a company owner or team wishes to buy the eBook, purchase the multi-user eBook.

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