No one likes cleaning but when families complete activities together, fun memories can be made. Kids need to learn life skills and our free printable gives a visual checklist of what needs to be done.

Here are some ‘Out of the Pocket Tips’ to help your kids with spring cleaning.

  1. Building proprioceptive activities into cleaning keeps muscles strong and provides valuable sensory input. Sweeping and mopping floors provides instant gratification since kids can see the results of their efforts immediately!

2. Make cleaning products on your own with fragrant oils, water, vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. I found this post from Good Housekeeping on making your own cleaners. What scents calm your child? Many people love vanilla and lavender and find them calming. Spraying clean linens with ‘bedtime’ spray made of calming scented water and placed into a spray bottle is fun for kids and grown-ups alike.

3. Use a visual cue or checklist so kids can see how much cleaning they must do and then how much is left. We all use ‘to do’ or ‘honey do’ lists so we can anticipate how much work there is to be done. Kids benefit greatly from a list as well.

Here’s a link to a FREE Kids Spring Printable for my readers only. It gives a checklist of each room.

4. Take a photo of the room when it is clean. Sometimes using general words such as, ‘clean your room’ or ‘pick up your clothes’ can be misinterpreted. When you give a child a photo of the area as you’d expect it to look, kids get a visual representation of what the completed job looks like.

While you’re cleaning, create your own calm-down or sensory area. Use our kit with over 100 cards. 


5. Make cleaning a game. Pretend to have a ‘cleaning Olympics game’ where there are different events such as sorting clothes or race to pick up as many items as you can in ten minutes. Set a timer to compete in the games!

Gather items for charity or to sell at a yard sale. Sometimes, kids are motivated to use the money from the sale of old items to get a brand new toy that may be more age appropriate.

Most of all, have FUN and know that teaching your child life skills will benefit kids for a lifetime!



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