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Welcome!  I’m a mom and pediatric occupational therapist. My passion is helping others and creating fun activities that anyone can use. Every idea I share has been lovingly practiced with my own children, in schools, and in my therapy clinic.

Both of my own children have special needs so I personally understand the challenges you face.                                           Keep my books in your pocket, I’m here anytime you need me!

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“Cara is an authority on special needs.” – Carol Kranowitz, MA


Cara’s Latest Blog Posts

5 Ways to Tell if it’s Sensory or Behavior

One of the biggest questions I receive as a pediatric OT is, 'how can I tell the difference between sensory and behavior?' The answer is much more complicated that you might think. In fact, my two hour course is packed with research and various interventions. The key...

5 Fun President’s Day Fine Motor Activities

It's President's Day and this year, I've found some really fun things that will fit goals for fine motor, executive function (specifically planning, following directions, and executing), and gross motor goals. Here's an awesome activity from Lakeshore Learning. Paper...

Play With Your FOOD – A Valentine’s Day Treat

Playing with food is always a great way to introduce new tastes and textures to our kids. This activity may be used for any holiday if you exchange the hearts for something edible. Examples might be:  dehydrated fruit, candies of all shapes and sizes, cut up grapes,...

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