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Cara Koscinski - Occupational Therapist, Mother, Author, Speaker

Welcome!  I’m a mom and pediatric occupational therapist. My passion is helping others and creating fun activities that anyone can use. Every idea I share has been lovingly practiced with my own children, in schools, and in my therapy clinic.

Both of my own children have special needs so I personally understand the challenges you face.                                           Keep my books in your pocket, I’m here anytime you need me!

Amazing Resources For Parents and OT Specialists!

“Cara is an authority on special needs.” – Carol Kranowitz, MA

Cara’s Upcoming Events

Building Better Brains Through Sensory and Movement Activities

For PT, OT, and SLPs
Where: Sea-E Cruise, Atlantic Ocean!
When: June, 2018

More Info: Coming SOON!

Cara’s Latest Blog Posts

SLIME for my Valentine!

It's almost Valentine's Day and we know you're looking for fun and creative ideas. This is the PERFECT idea for teachers, therapists, and gifts for friends. Materials: 1 Container of red glitter glue ¾ and ⅔ cups very warm water separated 1 tsp. Borax 2 Mixing bowls...

5 Tips To Reduce Math Anxiety

I don't know about you, but when I see a math problem I get sweaty palms and a feeling of dread. It's true that I home school two of my high school sons but for their math (especially Algebra, Calculus, and Trig) I hired a tutor. Many of our children fight homework...

5 Tips to Get Your Child Outside

Get your kids outside, regardless of age! Getting kids outside is a challenge, but every year it is the same thing. Too cold, too wet or too busy. Kids are getting up at the same time in winter, but it is dark. It's almost dark when kids get home from school and eat...

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